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Urbano Software LIVE at Intergeo (Germany) and SAIE (Italy)

Urbano 11 announcement

Experience Urbano Software LIVE
@ Intergeo Essen 18th-20th October, Hall: 3, Stand: D3.016
@ SAIE Bologna 19th-22nd October, Hall: 26, Stand: B03

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Urbano software connects CAD design, hydraulic modeling, and GIS/BIM data exchange into one workflow.
Use advanced tools for plan and profile design, determine catchment areas, make hydraulic calculations, analyze clash & clearance, and export data to .ifc.

Key Urbano software advantages:
Flexibility -> the freedom to adapt the workflow to the project
Power -> more automation, optimization, and control
Insight -> visual and numerical analysis at all times

With Urbano software you design, calculate and analyze without leaving the CAD environment. At the same time, you can always exchange the model data with the project team members and external stakeholders e.g. import .shp, export .ifc, plot profiles to .pdf, export the pipe network model to SWMM, import a new terrain, and many more possibilities.

The Urbano pipe network model has no size or complexity limits. You can work with just a few, or thousands of nodes and sections. Also, you can work on just one pipe network or on many networks in the same project. You can even perform clash and clearance analysis with pipe networks designed with polylines, e.g. dry networks.

The sewage model for the upcoming Urbano 11 supports open channels and gravitational and pressurized pipe networks in one system.

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