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Urbano 10 Hydra Full Workflow

Urbano 11 announcement


Water distribution network design from drawing pipes to hydraulic modelling based on EPANET and 3D model export to IFC.

In particular, the webinar will highlight:

  1. Designing a water distribution network
    Using a Civil 3D digital terrain model, drawing pipes, converting polylines to a water system, editing & analysis, setting the reservoir, air and mud release valves and manholes.
  2. Hydraulic calculation & optimization
    Setting water demands, pipe sizing, adding pressure reducing valves, creating water demands scenarios, working with pumps and time patterns, time simulation, working with rules, data analysis with graphs and tables
  3. Creating node schemas
    Creating a node report, adding valves and hydrants, automatic node schemas, list of materials
  4. Excavation report and model export to BIM
    Adding trenches and upper layers, drawing cross sections, calculating excavation volumes, 3D style, trench edges and grading, export to IFC
  5. Pipe network intersection and clash analysis
    Joining water and sewage networks into one project, intersection analysis and problem solving, reports

For a comprehensive introduction to pipe network design with Urbano software please get in touch by e-mail

Urbano 10 by STUDIOARS
Urbano is a full-featured design, calculation and analysis software for storm and sanitary sewage, water, gas, vacuum sewage and other infrastructure pipe networks. With the support of our users and partners we develop and implement the Urbano software collection in more than 10 language versions worldwide.

Urbano 10 works on AutoCAD and Civil 3D 2017 – 2021