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Urbano 10 Canalis Preview

Urbano 11 announcement

Urbano10 #UrbanoSoftware

First preview of Urbano 10 with focus on new and improved functions for storm and sanitary sewage design. The presentation includes:

  1. New user experience for storm and sanitary sewage calculations
    The fully redesigned function includes a new user interface and expanded workflows. The presentation will focus on catchment and influence areas definition, storm and sanitary flow calculations, automatic pipe invert calculation and optimization, pipe sizing and parallel hydraulic calculations for various flow scenarios and pressure pipeline calculations.
  2. New Additional points
    A fresh concept and workflow with additional points.
  3. Drains and house connections
    New functionality for drawing and editing storm drains and house connections.
  4. Prefabricated manholes
    Manual and automatic definition of prefabricated manholes, drawing manhole schemes and 3D view.
  5. Manhole offset
    Inputting manhole offset, drawing manhole schemes and 3D view.

The presentation lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Urbano 10 by StudioARS
Urbano is a full-featured design, calculation and analysis software for storm and sanitary sewage, water, gas, vacuum sewage and other infrastructure pipe networks. With the support of our users and partners we develop and implement a collection of Urbano software in more than 10 language versions worldwide.

Urbano 10 works on AutoCAD and Civil 3D 2017 – 2021