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How to start with BIM for Infrastucture?


A workflow example with Autodesk AEC Collection and Urbano software, with emphasis on pipe networks.

The presentation is based on a real project for a road interchange extension. We will showcase a BIM workflow example that includes both the design of a roundabout, connecting roads and storm sewer pipe network, and the necessary communication, data exchange and coordination.

The presented workflow includes:

  • Infraworks, for 3D model creation
  • Civil 3D, for detailed road design
  • Urbano Canalis PRO, for detailed pipe network design
  • Urbano Ultimate, for parcel/pipe intersection analysis
  • Navisworks, for creation and analysis of the aggregate model
  • Urbano Document Linker, for connecting the Navisworks model with external documents
  • BIM 360 Docs, for communication and collaboration throughout the workflow