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Pipe network quantity take-off analysis in Navisworks

Urbano 11 announcement

Using 3D coordination software for tasks like clash detection, quantity take-off, 4D and 5D analysis is standard part of BIM workflows. Quantity take-off estimation in Navisworks is called quantification. It’s necessary to clarify that software like Navisworks can’t calculate quantities based on imported object geometry. It can only read and analyze values previously calculated and exported by authoring applications, such as Urbano.

Urbano is software for pipe infrastructure detailed design. It can calculate all necessary quantities based on trench and pipe definition. There are many different trench types which can be used. From Urbano, it’s possible to export complete geometry and associated data to standard BIM file formats (IFC, NWC). All associated data (including trench data) can be logically grouped which enables efficient usage in Navisworks. Using standard Navisworks quantification functionality, it’s possible to analyze all necessary values.