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Pipe infrastructure clash analysis

Urbano 11 announcement

Clash analysis is very important in pipe infrastructure design and BIM technology puts a lot of attention to it. Clash analysis can be done in 3D coordination software like Navisworks but the problem with such software is that they treat pipe networks as any other element. That way it is hard to distinguish relevant clashes from irrelevant (any pipe/structure connection will be treated as clash).

It is always better to have efficient clash analysis done in authoring design software and bring “clash-free” pipe network to Navisworks’s aggregate BIM model. Focus can then be on clash analysis between pipe networks and other underground elements.

Urbano software has powerful clash analysis that checks for clashes in 3D. Clash analysis is fast, dynamic, and automatic. It is possible to analyze thousands of pipes and structures in few seconds, detect relevant clashes, automatically annotate all crossings and clashes in plan and profiles with any kind of label. All crossings and clashes can be inspected in tables with all relevant data (3D distance between elements, relative pipe positions (above/below) which is very important for water and sanitary pipes). Urbano can also make clash analysis with 2D elements containing elevation data