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URBANO 11 IS out!

Urbano 11 announcement

After more than two years of development, Urbano 11 is finally here. New major version brings you mix of completely new features and old functions that have been revisited and updated.

What is New in Urbano 11 ?

The biggest new feature is integrated EPA SWMM 5.1 calculation in Canalis. This brings a handful of new possibilities and options such as complete time simulation for storm and sanitary networks. In addition to flow in pipes and closed channels, flow in open channels is now also supported.

In Hydra, there are also some very exciting news as Urbano 11 works with the latest version of EPANET. EPANET 2.2 code is built into Urbano which brings some very significant new features such as pressure-dependent demands.

Clash detection has been further improved and optimized. A horizontal buffer has been added to allow clashes to be found between elements that do not intersect or touch in plan. Also, it is possible to create groups of CAD elements from 3D Solid or Mesh elements and check for clashes between these and Urbano pipes and manholes.

Google Maps import feature has been expanded and improved. In addition to classic functionality for selecting area for import via Google, it is now possible to define an area within CAD by selecting or drawing a closed polyline or taking a screen extent and defining a coordinate system.

Completely new functions have been created for plotting all schemes and cross-sections, plan and profiles.

Geodesy module has been completely redesigned. There are new functions for importing surveyed points from a text file as well as functions for drawing alignments interactively (including tangent polygon drawing), CAD element conversion and according to Urbano topology.

In addition to all that, a new module has been added – Collaboration, which enables multi-user workflow via PostgreSQL database. Users can work on the same project at the same time, exchange messages, download and post changes, and receive notifications of project changes made by other project members.