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Urbano 11 announcement

The design of house connections plays an important role in any sanitary sewer network design. It is possible to design house connections in Civil 3D, but the correct positioning of the house connection is tricky. Also, there is no option to edit multiple house connections at once.

Urbano is software for detailed design of storm and sanitary (Urbano Canalis) and water distribution networks (Urbano Hydra). Urbano software works on top of Civil 3D.

In the latest development of Urbano software, a comprehensive mechanism has been created for two-way communication (including model updates) between Urbano and Civil 3D. The conversion enables a seamless “round trip” between Urbano and Civil 3D.

In Urbano, house connections can be designed with many options. Any two of the three main data (slope of the house connection pipe, elevation/depth of the house node and elevation/depth of the connection on the main pipe) can be defined, and the third will be calculated automatically. The main pipe is not split into two pipes when drawing the house connection.

House connections can be drawn interactively, automatically or by conversion of lines/polylines. The position of house connections in plan can be defined interactively or by distance from start or end structures. There are also special labels for house connections. Designed house connections can be edited at any time, individually or by group editing.

Dražen Galić, CEO