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Urbano Hydra
Urbano Hydra is a water and pressurized pipe system design, calculation and analysis software based on AutoCAD (2015-2019). You can create complete water distribution system designs, starting from the initial network definition to the analysis of hydraulic results. The hydraulic calculation is based on the EPANET calculation engine.
It will support your workflow from start to finish regardless of project type. You will benefit from the speed and accuracy of the dynamic design model while enjoying great design and drafting flexibility. Data exchange with complementary software is built-in with more than a dozen supported file formats.


 1. Water distribution system design – network definition

The network can be defined interactively, by simply drawing or converting from AutoCAD entities e.g. lines and polylines. You can calculate terrain elevations automatically (from DTM or other sources) and annotate network elements with arbitrary labels.
It is very easy to create profiles for the whole network at once, or to create a profile between any two network points. Pipe invert can be defined interactively or on fixed depth below terrain. You can edit the pipe invert later on with using powerful tools. You can also determine the pipe invert automatically. Urbano Hydra includes a project-wide automatic data refresh function for any changes in plan and profile.

 2.Water distribution system design – data definition

After setting up the network, you can define the needed data, like pipes. You can define pipes for many sections at once using intuitive network selection methods.
The Urbano Hydra calculation is based on EPANET. To make a successful network model you must to define specific network equipment like tanks, pumps, reservoirs, valves etc. Node demands can be calculated automatically based on a certain number of inhabitants. You can also manualy define the individual consumption in every node.

 3. Water distribution system design – hydraulic calculation

After defining the network and the necessary data, you can make a snap-shot hydraulic calculation by using the built-in EPANET calculation engine (the full version of Epanet is not required). 
After completion, all results are automatically read – flow and velocities in pipes and pressures in nodes. Using standard Urbano functionality you can label all values both in plan and profile view. Using data grids all the hydraulic results can be checked in table format.

 4. Water distribution system design – hydraulic analysis

The connection between Urbano Hydra and Epanet is seamless and fast. After defining the dataypi can always change some of it and recalculate the network again. Data editing in Urbano Hydra is extremely easy and flexible. You can redefine pipe diameters or insert some specific equipment (PRV valves) to achieve better hydraulic results.
Urbano Hydra enables a snap-shot hydraulic calculation i.e. a calculation for a specific time. If you need to make modelling for some time extent, Urbano Hydra can export the complete INP file which can be imported in Epanet for a full time-dependent hydraulic analysis. You can export the hydraulic results in RPT file and import them back to Urbano Hydra.

5. Water distribution system design – pipe optimization

The usual way to work with Urbano Hydra is to define the pressure pipe network and all necessary data, and then perform the hydraulic calculation using the Epanet engine. after that, you should check the results (mostly flow velocities and pressures). In the case that some results (e.g. flow velocities) are not the best, some pipe diameters should be changed and the calculation should be repeated.
In the case of bigger and more complex ringed systems, this could be tedious task. Urbano Hydra offers a solution - it is possible to make pipe optimization based on flow velocities. You have to set pipe groups that include several acceptable pipe diameters for different parts of the pressurized system and the target flow velocity. Urbano Hydra includes an advanced optimization algorithm i.e. genetic algorithm, to vary pipe data to come as close as possible to the target velocity.


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