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Urbano highlights - Automatic invert definition in pressurized systems
The usual way to determine the initial pipe position in a pressurized system e.g. water distribution or gas system, is to set it on a fixed depth parallel to the terrain. Based on demands you can change the pipe position later on. In case the terrain does not have a constant slope the pipes can differ, changing frequently according to slope. If this is not corrected, it is necessary to set many air-release and mud-release valves in inflection points.
With Urbano, you can use several interactive tools to sort out the pipe position in a profile, e.g. straightening or equalizing slope.
In addition, you can use the automatic pipe positioning tool.


1.    Automatic invert definition for pressurized systems

Automatic invert definition finds optimal position of the pipe, using possible depth range (i.e. between 1 and 3 m depth). Urbano calculates pipe positions that conform with all determined rules and avoid the problems associated with a frequently changing slope.
Given solution can be, later on, freely changed with appropriate intelligent functions.

2. Automatic invert definition for pressurized systems with adding new nodes
Pipe slope changes happen only in nodes. In case of significant and frequent terrain changes, pipes sometimes do not follow the terrain line exactly, even going above terrain. Urbano enables you to solve this problem in two ways: manual and automatic.

The first option is to insert new nodes at certain positions, enable the pipe slope to change and to better follow the terrain. In Urbano you can insert new nodes and move existing nodes directly in the profile.
The second option is to use the automatic invert definition tool. You can make an automatic invert calculation that will draw the invert and add new nodes if necessary. After using this command, the pipes should follow the terrain better.


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