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Urbano highlights - Clash analysis
In infrastructure pipe network design, new networks are typically designed alongside existing ones. Knowing the exact position and nature of all existing utilities is one of the most important design prerequisites. The construction of a new network system should always take existing utilities into account by satisfying conditions of safe distance among different infrastructure networks.
Urbano includes a special interface to analyze, label and create reports based on complex infrastructure clashes and intersections of different native systems like storm, sanitary and water or with generic pipe and cable infrastructure systems like gas, electricity, optical cables etc.


1.    Clash analysis – multiple pipe networks

In Urbano, you can use powerful data grid tools to analyze positions and interferences of different utilities. You can display many parameters like vertical distance between two intersected pipes, pipe elevations, depths, diameters and so on. You can also add a description that clearly indicates which utility is above/below. You can label all interferences automatically, in plan and profile view, and add any important data to the labels.

2.  Clash analysis – new infrastructure

In Urbano, you do not have to set pipe inverts immediately. You can just draw the pipe in plan view and its profile view. You can then start a clash analysis and review the exact position of all intersecting pipes in the profile. Based on that information you can set the pipe invert of the new system.

 3. Clash analysis – 2D elements
Clash analysis has to be based on full 3D information about all network systems. Often, some utilities are represented as 2D elements e.g. lines or polylines, with additional data about depth.

With Urbano, you can analyze even this kind of information and show all clashes correctly.


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