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Urbano Canalis

Urbano Canalis is a storm and sanitary sewage design, calculation and analysis software based on AutoCAD.
It will support your workflow from start to finish regardless of project type. You will benefit from the speed and accuracy of the dynamic design model while enjoying great design and drafting flexibility. Data exchange with complementary software is built-in with more than a dozen supported file formats. Urbano Canalis works on all versions of AutoCAD 2015 - 2019.

Canalis Playlist

1. Storm and sanitary sewage design – network creation

You can determine the network with interactive drawing tools, by converting AutoCAD entities i.e. lines and polylines, and by other methods. You can calculate terrain elevations automatically from a DTM or other sources and annotate the network with customizable labels.
An Urbano network is based its own topology model. The smart network topology enables high efficiency in all actions like inputting data, editing networks, drawing profiles… You can check, change and adjust the topology with powerful editing and analysis tools.

2. Storm and sanitary sewage design – network editing

You can draw profiles for the whole network with a single command, thanks to the network topology model. YOu can also a draw profile between any pair of structures connected though the network. You can work with many profile configurations, and anyone can be used in during profile creation. 
Urbano Canalis is based on a full dynamic model that enables the automatic update of all data in plan and profile. It includes many fast and efficient network editing and labeling tools.

3. Storm and sanitary sewage design – Invert design

Invert design is an important partof storm and sanitary sewage network design. With Urbano, you can determine the pipe invert with several tools, both in plan and profile. You can create the invert interactively by taking into account the invert depth, elevation and slope. 
You can use the automatic invert design tool to determine pipe inverts for the whole system at once. The automatic design tool takes care about minimum and maximum depth and slope, lateral inlets, vertical drop shafts etc. You can use both the automatic and the interactive invert design tools on the same profile,in order to create the best possible invert.

4. Storm and sanitary sewage design – Catchment area design

To design storm sewage with Urbano Canalis, you first need to define the catchment areas. Catchment areas can be defined from areas created by AutoCAD lines and polylines. Urbano Canalis supports the creation of complex areas with different run-off coefficients. The defined areas can be inspected and edited within a data grid tool.

5.Storm and sanitary sewage design – Hydraulic calculation

While designing stormwater sewage systems, you may want to calculate flows. One of several available mathods is the rational method with IDF curves (Intensity-Duration-Frequency curve). Urbano Canalis includes different rational method variations that can be set up by defining certain parameters. The hydraulic calculation (pipe diameter) is based on Prandtl-Colebrook equations. You can check the pipe fill height and other parameters.

6. Storm and sanitary sewage design – Setting structures and excavation calculation

In Urbano Canalis structures are defined and stored in catalogs. You can easily create any specific structure based on the existing templates. You can set structures for multiple network nodes at once. Thanks to the dynamic model and different styles, structures are automatically shown both in plan and profile views. In case you need to have a more detailed view of the structures, you can create detailed structure schemas. 
Simple trench definitions are also stored in catalogs. You can easily define a typical single-pipe trench based on a trapezoidal shape. To inspect the trench, you can draw a section in any network point. Based on the trench definition you can make a detailed report of all quantities and store it in an MS Excel file.

7. Storm and sanitary sewage design – Create sanitary system from storm system

You can design several pipe network systems in the same area. You create each system independently, while retaining the possibility to compare some parameters for clash analysis. Another option is to take an existing system, copy a part to a new system and then make some appropriate changes.
The interference of the two systems can be checked with many tools, for example, you can create profiles that display several networks. Use the profile to make the appropriate changes e.g. vertical adjustment of all systems.

8. Storm and sanitary sewage design – Multi-pipe trench

When you have two or more almost parallel channels close to each other, it is not possible to apply a simple trench. With Urbano you can easily create a parametric multi-pipe trench. The whole analysis is executed in cross sections. Based on horizontal and vertical pipe positions, the program automatically creates a common trench with determined side slopes and widths. With the help of temporary lines, you can set trench layers. All areas/volumes are shown and you can create a report in Microsoft Excel format.


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