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Productivity tools for raster & vector maps

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Key improvements over a traditional workflow include image grouping, smart display tools and layer filtering.

Supported raster file types - .tfw, .jgw, .ecw, GeoTIFF and JPEG2000
Supported vector file types - .dwg, .dgn, .dwf and .pdf.

Urbano 9.3 works on all versions of AutoCAD 2015 - 2019, 64 bit. 
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Core features

When there are many external documents (raster images, vector drawings, etc.), it is very helpful to make document groups. Groups can be created based on any criteria, e.g. raster images can be divided by scale, source or location; vector drawings can be grouped according to content (parcels, infrastructure, DTM elements, etc.) or position. Grouping files makes it easier to manage them and to choose the appropriate ones depending on the current task at hand. 
Connecting raster images
To connect a raster image with a project you need to position the image according to its insertion parameters. You can read the insertion parameters from an external file (TFW, JGW) or directly from within the files (ECW, GeoTIFF). Urbano has a proprietary algorithm for reading such information. 
Drawing boundaries
Inserting many raster images or drawings and working with them in real time can be a time consuming task that also requires a significant amount of computing resources. Therefore it can be very useful to draw only the boundaries of attached files with the name of the raster image or drawing file. This function allows you to draw these boundaries very fast and to avoid consuming too much computer resources, even if you have several thousand files. 
You can choose different methods of inserting files into a project. The simplest method is just to pick a point where a certain file (raster or drawing) should be inserted. You can draw a line or polygon and all file boundaries it crosses will be inserted. While inserting drawings inside a defined polygon, you can choose whether you want to attach either the whole file or just entities which are inside or crossed with a defined boundary. Lastly, you can zoom to a certain part of the project and cover the whole view with files from the current collection. 
Attaching drawings
You can attach drawings in two ways: as an external reference (XREF) or as a basic drawing (a CAD block). You can also create file collections from DGN and PDF file types. Those files can be attached only as external references. 
Content filtering
While attaching files you can use content filtering, e.g. you can filter attached files based on layer or entity type. This function is not available for attaching as an external reference (XREF).



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