New version Urbano


New features and solved problems


General information

Urbano 9.3.2 supports following CAD platforms:
·         AutoCAD / Civil 3D / Map 3D 2015,64 Bit
·         AutoCAD / Civil 3D / Map 3D 2016,64 Bit
·         AutoCAD / Civil 3D / Map 3D 2017,64 Bit
·         AutoCAD / Civil 3D / Map 3D 2018,64 Bit
·         AutoCAD / Civil 3D / Map 3D 2019,64 Bit

New functions

1.1        Terraform - Importing 3D Face element
In Terraform, Urbano module for creating digital terrain model, it is possible to create DTM (surface) from existing 3DFace elements. The program won’t use those elements to create triangulation, but it will use them as they are.
1.2        Intersection analysis
1. Intersection analysis functionality has been significantly improved, which results in much faster performance, especially for calculation of intersection with CAD entities.
2. In Profile, it is possible to show intersections with group of CAD entities in the profile with the same color of the layer of CAD entities, similar as it is the case with Urbano systems.
1.3        Conversion of CAD elements
Option "Draw additional points” has been added. Until now, the option wasn’t available and the program has always been drawing additional points if DTM has been chosen within the function of the conversion, it wasn’t possible to turn it off.
1.4        Import/Export (Urbano) XML file
1. Functions were renamed
Commands for Import/Export Urbano topology from XML file format have been renamed to Import topology from Urbano XML and Export topology to Urbano XML, to avoid possible confusion with the LandXML file format, that uses XML extension as well.
2. Import of polygon topology
Import of polygon topology from (Urbano) XML has been speeded-up significantly.


1.5 Invert data (descriptive)
New data is available Invert elevation (descriptive) and Invert depth (descriptive). This data will show all invert values in a node, sorted from highest to lowest values. The data can be added to node table, node label, profile table.  
1.6 Raster manager – Support for JPEG2000 (JG2) format
JPEG2000 file format can contain geo-reference information in the header. In the case like that, no WORLD file is required. Supported.

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