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Urbano Canalis & Hydra real designs

We are happy to present the work of one of our users, mrs. Joanna Karczewska and the team from SOMEX Sp. z o.o. (Poland), on a sewage and water system project in Warsaw, Poland (SOMEX is the customer or our Polish partner Arkance Systems Poland).

Mrs. Karczewska is an experienced Urbano user and knows very well how to use the software for complex projects.

In her own words:
SOMEX Warsaw
We design sanitary networks (water supply, sewage, storm water, heat pipelines, gas pipelines) for Warsaw network managers and private investors.
We have been modeling networks in the BIM standard for 3 years using URBANO (Canalis and Hydra).
One of our projects made in the Urbano model:
Construction of the sewage system and water supply network in Wal Miedzeszynski Street on the section of Trakt Lubelski Street - POW junction in Warsaw
Water suply DN400 – DN150 total length 2920 m
Sewage network DN600 – DN200 total length 2520 m

Fragment of modeled networks:
In order to check the collision-free design / existing systems, we modeled the other networks, i.e.
Energy network total length 8200 m
Teletechnical network total length 1680 m
Gas pipelines total length 1770 m
Storm water drainage network total length 3340 m

Visualization of 3D networks in the browser significantly facilitates the verification of solutions:

Network modeling facilitates our work in the field of: simultaneous design of different networks in the same area, automatic collision verification and accelerates the design process itself (automation of drafting, speed / ease of making changes, calculation process harmonized with the designed system).
Currently, after three years of using Urbano, we are not considering whether to model in BIM, now we want as many participants of the investment process as possible (surveyors, other designers, investor, contractors, network managers ...) to use the models we developed, so that the modelled data flows to all of them.

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