Case study: Jazan Industrial City


Urbano Canalis & Hydra real designs

We are happy to present the work of one of our users, mr. Gregory Rouchotas from SALFO & Associates SA (Greece), on the Jazan Industrial City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Mr. Rouchotas is an experienced Urbano user and knows very well how to use the software for complex projects.

He explains:
Jazan Industrial City is located in the south west of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is planned to include a mixture of light to heavy industries such as metals, food, plastics and building material and glass, over an area of 40km2. Approximately 10% of the development area will be used for residential use. SALFO SAUDI ARABIA & Associates provided infrastructure design for phases 1 and 2 (5km2 development area in total); these included the design of the wet and dry utilities. Wet utilities design included the following networks:

-    Storm water; total length 30km ranging from DN400 to box conduits 3.00 x 1.00
-    Foul Sewer; total length 32km ranging from DN200 to DN630
-    Potable water; total length 32km ranging from DN140 to DN560
-    Irrigation; total length 28km ranging from DN140 to DN450

All networks were modelled in URBANO (Canalis and Hydra). URBANO allowed our design team to create multiple systems, four in total one for each network, in the same file. Each system was built with a custom template (profiles, horizontal layout, nodes, manholes etc.), on which the final printed submission was prepared and direct clash analysis was incorporated throughout the design process.
The re-engineered module of "aligned profiles” introduced an additional boost to the use of the software minimizing the time of production the profile plot files.
Upon the completion of the design of the wet utilities, changes were issued for the road profiles, however, updating the DTM and the affected branches in URBANO was an easy and quick task.
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