Urbano released!


The main focus of this release was increasing compatibility and stable working conditions across all platforms.

In particular, Urbano provides:
- Draw aligned profiles, a new function that handles the drawing and preparation for plotting of long sections that are too long and need to be separated into several parts before plotting
- Usage statistics, a new feature that will collect basic software environment information and allow for improved program optimization and faster bug resolution
- New option for Long sections - Terrain/invert elevations for nodes, vertical lines, additional points and intersection points can be shown in a single line
- Last but not least, special attention has been given to solve program bugs.

For a full description of new features, visit release notes

Are you using Urbano Hydra for water pipe network design?

Watch this short 6 minute introduction video to understand how to design plan and profiles for pressurized pipe networks, add equipment needed for EPANET (e.g. reservoir, tank, pump, valves), and
perform a steady-state hydraulic calculation with the integrated EPANET engine.

Alternatively, you can export the network data to an EPANET .inp file and, eventually, import the modeling results as an EPANET .rpt file. The important thing to notice is that in Urbano, all data are
equal i.e. you can use all designed, calculated and imported data with profiles, sections, labels,
reports etc.

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Urbano Visio

Smart data management for AutoCAD Civil 3D pipe networks

Urbano 9 Hydra

Water distribution design, calculation and analysis software

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Sewage & stormwater design, calculation and analysis software

Urbano 9 Polygon

Advanced creation, editing and analysis of parcel topologies

Urbano 9 Raster/Vector

Productivity tools for working with large amounts of raster and vector maps.